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19 Jul 2018

The Best of the Best from CCTVdirect

CCTVdirect Cobra DVRs provide up to 1080p recording, which means you will be gifted with unrivalled image quality

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Click image for the CCTVdirect website

The Cobra Universal HD TVI recorder will provide you with a phenomenal performance when you couple it with any of our compatible Twilight Pro HD TVI or Twilight Pro Autofocus Advanced HD TVI cameras.

The Cobra range is packed with numerous high-end features, is straightforward to use, simple to navigate and takes no time at all to set up GUI. Playback and backing your data up has never been as efficient or effortless and you'll have the option to use the Smart Search feature, saving you time when you need to find some footage.

Each unit has a built in DDNS and with its Auto Port Forwarding, you can be online in minutes. Use the fast and easy to navigate Smarteyes Pro mobile app to benefit from Live View, Playback and Snapshot features all from your mobile devices. It also comes with a free VMS viewing platform, allowing you to view multiple sites together on a single PC software.

We've also upgraded the entire range giving you even more installation options. Our Cobra range now accepts extra IP cameras, meaning you can provide your customers with a fully integrated HD TVI and IP system.

For more information call the CCTVdirect team on 0113 233 70 70 or visit

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Maxxess VisitorPoint allows visitor management upgrade for single-site and multi-site users

Innovative solution impresses visitors at IFSEC International

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VisitorPoint from Maxxess is a smart visitor management solution that offers an easy but powerful upgrade for a wide range of users.

Click images for the Maxxess website

For those needing to replace a basic signing-in book for the first time VisitorPoint is an attractive, user-friendly solution with a choice of useful features. And for larger organisations looking for a multi-site visitor management solution, it provides control and audit features that are future proof, flexible, and designed to complement security, fire and building management operations.

It can be integrated with Maxxess software and eFusion range of modules, or adapted with a customised integration, plus it allows users to manage everything from visitor pre-registration, to SMS notification, identity verification and car park occupancy.

Putting more control in the hands of front-of-house teams, VisitorPoint allows pre-registered visitors to be viewed any time in advance. Visitor badges can be pre-printed for a smoother and more efficient welcome, and sign-in for large groups can be managed in seconds.

Visitors check themselves in easily and efficiently using either an iPad or the VisitorPoint freestanding touch-screen kiosk. The pre-registered visitor’s details are confirmed when they enter a reference code, passport number, QR code or any specified ID. A photo can be taken with the iPad or kiosk, printed onto the badge and/or saved to record. Visitors can also be asked to read and sign any non-disclosure agreement (NDA), health and safety or safeguarding instructions on screen.

The allocation and control of visitor car parking also becomes much more efficient as specific spaces can be easily assigned to specific vehicles in advance. Automatic email notifications and/or SMS messaging reduce the burden on front-of-house staff, with employees automatically alerted when their visitors arrive. The system can be set up so that both hosts and visitors receive a friendly reminder text ahead of the visit, at check in and at check out. Useful information such as directions and meeting details can be added. Hosts can also check out a visitor, helping front-of-house staff to maintain up-to-date site occupancy records.

For enhanced security, alerts can be sent when a visitor forgets to check out, or when a pre-specified visit is due. For senior security managers real time reports can be generated to show who is currently on site, where they are authorised to visit, as well as who been on site during any given timeframe.

The smart VisitorPoint badge printer allows individual badge customisation so that details can be easily changed and added – for example with WiFi codes, meeting room details and specific courtesy messages. This feature also makes it ideal for multiple tenancy sites, with individual badge branding and messaging available to each tenant.

Lee Copland, Managing Director, Maxxess EMEA says: "VisitorPoint is a highly flexible solution that can be used for both single and multiple sites. It allows a practical, easily managed upgrade from more basic solutions and it can be easily adapted to the organisation’s changing requirements in future years"

To learn more about Maxxess solutions in action please eMail or visit

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Surveon H.265 Cameras achieve Better Performance with Robust Quality

Surveon Technology, the end-to-end IP surveillance solution provider, introduces their new H.265 Series cameras, CAM3351E4-5, CAM3371EM-5, CAM4311E2-5 and CAM4371EM-5 for the premium series

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Click image for the Surveon website

Surveon H.265 Series cameras support IP67, IK10 and wide temperature for outdoor application and provide advanced video functions to keep everything being seen clearly.

click for website Save Maintenance Effort

Surveon’s cameras are with industrial-grade components to ensure the lowest failure rate for the 24/7 operations.

The IP67 standard and vandal proof design allow Surveon H.265 Series cameras to perform well in the most outdoor applications.

click for website Operate Smoothly under Extreme Temperatures

Surveon H.265 Series cameras can handle harsh outdoor conditions including -40°C ~ 60°C temperature environment, providing the best solution for mission critical projects.

See Details Clearly under Different Lighting Conditions

Built-in IR and car-grade LED, Surveon H.265 Series cameras keep things under control even in the total dark environment.

click for website Moreover, with advanced video functions, such as HLC, WDR, 2D/3D Noise Reduction, ROI, Defog, Surveon H.265 Series cameras can provide clear images under a variety of lighting conditions

Surveon H.265 Series cameras provide 2 megapixel resolutions with 2 form factors, including bullet cameras: CAM3351E4-5, CAM3371EM-5, and dome cameras: CAM4311E2-5, CAM4371EM-5, giving partners multiple options to fulfill different projects' requirements.

For more information about Surveon H.265 Series cameras, please eMail or visit

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Hanwha Techwin introduce Wisenet P two channel multi-directional camera

The latest addition to the Wisenet P premium camera series manufactured by Hanwha Techwin has the capability of two video surveillance cameras in a single housing

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Click image for the Hanwha Techwin website

The PNM-7000VD is able to capture Full HD 2MP images of adjacent areas with the help of two separate lenses. A 270° viewing angle is achieved when two 2.4mm lenses are installed, making the PNM-7000VD, which supports H.265 compression, an ideal solution for monitoring large open spaces such car parks, shopping centres and warehouses. Depending on the required field of view, system integrators can also choose to fit 2.8, 3.6 or 6mm lenses.

Bob (H.Y.) Hwang Ph.D., Managing Director of Hanwha Techwin said: "End-users are understandably looking for maximum value from their video surveillance system. Our new two channel multi-directional camera significantly reduces the costs which would normally be associated with installing two separate cameras, perhaps either side of a building or site, without any compromise on quality. It is an excellent example of how ‘We MOVE with trust’ by introducing innovative solutions which offer real-life practical benefits"

Feature Rich

The PNM-7000VD is equipped with the world’s best 150dB Wide Dynamic Range (WDR), Lens Distortion Correction and Digital Image Stabilisation technology to deliver optimised images in every situation. It also has a long list of other useful features including privacy masking and direction, face, fog, virtual line, appear/disappear, loitering and camera tampering detection. Two SD/SDHC/SDXC memory slots enable video to be automatically recorded in the event of network disruption.

WiseStream II

The PNM-7000VD supports H.264 and MJPEG compression, but bandwidth efficiency is improved by up to 99% compared to current H.264 technology when H.265 is utilised with WiseStream II, a complementary compression technology which dynamically controls encoding, balancing quality and compression according to movement in the image.

For more information about Hanwha Techwin please visit

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GTT to discuss mobility through V2I technologies at IMSA Forum & Expo 2018

Global Traffic Technologies solutions change the way cities move through the provision of expandable, adaptable technology solutions

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Attendees at the IMSA Forum & Expo in Orlando, Florida this month will be able to learn about the way that advanced vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) technologies are helping to change the way cities move.

Click image for the GTT website

Josh Lehman (pictured above), pre-sales engineer at Global Traffic Technologies LLC (GTT), will address the IMSA Forum on Sunday 31st July at 1pm. His technical session, 'Transforming mobility through advanced V2I technology', will explore three communities that worked to solve mobility issues by using connected vehicle technologies.

Lehman said: "Connected vehicle technologies are creating new opportunities for communities of all sizes to solve their mobility issues. Traffic, transit and public safety departments can use data and technology to make smarter decisions that provide a better experience for transit riders, more efficient operations for agencies and safer responses for emergency responders"

GTT’s systems include industry-leading Opticom™ Transit Signal Priority (TSP) and Emergency Vehicle Preemption (EVP) systems. Lehman will look at the way these solutions have been implemented in:

New York City: New York is leveraging existing infrastructure to create a centralized TSP solution where TSP is provided by a software application on more than 6,000 of its buses.

Laval, Quebec: TSP in Laval takes into account passenger loads and lateness to determine what level of priority each bus should receive at each intersection.

Montreal, Quebec: Multiple agencies leverage a regional, multimodal solution that centrally manages multiple types of vehicular movement, including public transportation and public safety.

The IMSA is the International Municipal Signal Association, and its members come from government organizations and private corporations, united in a desire to promote public safety. With a history stretching back more than 120 years to 1896, the IMSA’s objectives are to improve the efficiency, installation, construction, and maintenance of public safety equipment and systems by increasing the knowledge of its members on traffic controls, fire alarms, radio communications, roadway lighting, work zone traffic control, emergency medical services and other related systems.

IMSA's annual Forum & Expo brings together a wide range of attendees to learn, gain certification and explore the latest public safety products and solutions. The 2018 event takes place at the Gaylord Palms Resort & Convention Center in Orlando, Florida from 28-31 July.

CLICK HERE for more information about the IMSA Forum & Expo

For more information about GTT please visit

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New Stainless Steel 2-Wire Video Entry Panels from Urmet

A smart range of brushed stainless steel, vandal-resistant digital video door entry panels – available in flush, surface or post-mounted options – has been unveiled by Urmet UK

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These new panels incorporate both door entry and access control functions in a robust vandal-resistant, slimline housing.

The 2Steel panels are available in Urmet’s 2Voice (2-wire) range.

Click image for the Urmet website

The panels feature a wide-angle lens colour dome camera with built-in high-intensity LED camera illumination for sharp, perfect images, even in low light conditions. To help satisfy DDA requirements, LED and voice-announced call signalling indication is available for visually impaired people.

The 316L marine-grade brushed stainless steel panels also feature pre-wired 20 mm stainless steel buttons with call reassurance tones. The panels are manufactured in standard sizes, with custom sizes and bespoke finishes, such as polished stainless steel, brass, bronze, patinated bronze and RAL colours available to order. Options include engraving, proximity readers and coded access keypads.

The 2Voice range comprises two non-polarised wires throughout the system for quick and easy installation and maintenance, generating time-savings for installers. For installation simplicity, existing wiring can be used in refurbishments.

Offering the highest performance in their category, 2Steel panels are suitable for use in medium and low rise residential complexes, as well on a smaller scale in individual systems.

Mark Hagger, Sales Director at Urmet said: "We’re very pleased with our new 2Steel panels. They combine the latest in technology and features with a sleek, high-quality appearance, plus they are easy to install and use. The panels’ numerous bespoke options also satisfy the increasing trend for customisation in residential developments"

For more information visit

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19 Jul 2018