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20 Sep 2018

BIM Library NOW Available for VIDEOTEC Products

VIDEOTEC is once again showing its ongoing commitment to keeping up to date with worldwide technological innovations

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Click image to see the VIDEOTEC BIM library

Now, most of VIDEOTEC products are available as Building Information Models (BIMs), created with BIMscript technology.

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a process based on 3D metadata that is full of useful information for the design, planning and integrated management of infrastructure or building projects. In particular, BIM offers huge economic and competitiveness advantages to architects, designers and project managers.

The new VIDEOTEC BIM library has 3D models of the company’s video surveillance products, complete with data such as volume and dimensions, materials, appearance and technical characteristics. These are ready to be imported directly into a project or technical document.

click for website The VIDEOTEC BIM library is constantly being updated as it is filled with new documents that cover the latest product releases and it can be downloaded from the BIM Object portal HERE

For more information about VIDEOTEC please visit

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Hikvision Launches Two New Underwater Network Cameras

The new Hikvision underwater network cameras survive pressure to provide sharp images from the depths

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Hikvision, the world’s leading supplier of innovative video surveillance products and solutions, has launched two new underwater network cameras, capable of delivering clear images in challenging underwater environments. These high-quality cameras can provide monitoring solutions in aquaculture, hydraulic engineering and underwater salvage scenarios.

The cameras can withstand pressure and corrosion underwater, with a water resistant structure design using SUS304/SUS316L stainless steel. The deep water DS-2XC6225G0-L camera can operate in the high pressure environment at depths of 50m.

The shallow water DS-2XC6224G0-L camera can operate at a depth of up to 15m. Both cameras come with strengthened cable for use at depth.

Click images for the Hikvision website

These cameras are specially designed with a number of features to give full monitoring support underwater. They can detect 10m distances in the darkness (0 lux), using ‘white’ light supplementary illumination. Both cameras have variants with 2.0mm, 2.8mm and 4mm fixed-focus lenses and are sprayed with an anti-corrosion paint to protect them against the corrosive nature of seawater. They also have a coating on the surface glass to prevent attachment and growth of marine microorganisms, like algae. Finally, special underwater full-colour defog technology improves surveillance in moving waters.

Other features include:

Up to 2.0 megapixel high resolution
2.0/2.8/4.0mm fixed lens
1920 × 1080@30fps
H.265/H.264/MJPEG video compression
120 dB wide dynamic range
Three video streams
On-board storage, up to 128 GB

Typical applications for these cameras include help to monitor offshore drilling platforms, aquaculture sites, reservoirs, swimming pools and sewers. The cameras can also be used in certain corrosive environments, for example in industrial or chemical wastewater, subject to specific evaluation.

Allen Xue, DACH Regional Manager for Hikvision Europe says: "At Hikvision we are always looking at new ways to help customers wherever they have the need. Security and surveillance is needed in the water as well as above it, so our underwater cameras can add a different aspects to any waterside installation"

CLICK HERE to find out more about the new Underwater Network Cameras.

click for website Visit Hikvision on booth 5C38 in Hall 5 at Security Essen from 25-28 September.

For more information about Hikvision Europe please visit

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Milestone Delivers Best in Class NVR Performance with New X Series

The new coming Milestone Husky X series of high-performance NVR can support up to 700+ cameras as the hardware is optimized for optimal XProtect performance thanks to hardware acceleration

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Click image for the Milestone website

Milestone Systems, the leading open platform company in networked video management software (VMS), is announcing the Milestone Husky X2 and X8 NVR hardware platform with scalable VMS. These products give the Milestone community the possibility to design small or very large business video solutions using the Milestone Husky X series NVR’s as scalable high-performance building blocks.

This keeps the total cost of ownership down as less hardware is need for a given installation compared to of-the-shelf standard servers. Less hardware means lower operational costs as fewer servers are needed. Reducing the number of servers also saves on power and cooling.

The X series of NVR achieves this high performance thanks to hardware acceleration where system performance can be boosted just by having the graphics processor taking over the heavy lifting in decoding video, leaving room for the system to handle other tasks.

Because the X series are based on industry standard hardware and software these NVR’s are easy to keep hardened in a cyber security context.

High performance in compact unit

Meeting the user demand for highly available video systems, the Husky X series is build to be as fail safe as possible using redundant components for all relevant subsystems The demands for high performance are met thanks to optimized hardware design.

Two models will be available at launch:

Milestone Husky X2 – two hot-swappable hard disks and integrated PoE+ switch. Supporting up to 133 cameras (720P @ 25 FPS, 2Mbit/s).

Milestone Husky X8 – Eight hot-swappable hard disks and dual 10 Gbit/s network interfaces. The internal storage can be expanded with external storage arrays connected via high speed fiber channel over ethernet (FCoE) and iSCSI connections. Husky X8 supports up to 780 cameras (720P @ 25 FPS, 2Mbit/s) with a maximum recording rate of 1.828 Mbit/s. This high performance is a reached thanks to a 4 core Intel Iris Pro CPU (Graphics Processing Unit) facilitating hardware acceleration and a server grade motherboard design.

CLICK HERE for more info on the new Husky X series.

The systems are highly configurable regarding hardware and software, making it easy to meet customer needs for the Milestone community partners. Both units are preloaded with Milestone XProtect VMS and support all current versions of Milestones VMS, making it possible to use them in larger centrally managed multi-unit installations, or as stand-alone units.

Building blocks for perfect solutions

Milestone is currently extending the focus for integrated business video solutions. The recently announced Milestone System builder program is a part if this. This program gives the Milestone community a wide selection of appliances with XProtect and a choice of different service plans. The Milestone X series of NVR’s are designed by Milestone as dedicated high-performance building blocks in a business video infrastructure with Milestone driven service and support.

Milestone Husky X2 and X8 will ship in fourth quarter of 2018.

The Milestone Husky X2 and X8 will be showcased at the GSX 2018 International trade show in Orlando from 25-27 September at the Milestone Booth 2664

The Security Essen 2018 trade show will also highlight the entire range of Husky NVR’s from 25-28 September at the Milestone Booth 5F10

For more information about Milestone Systems please visit

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360 Vision Technology confirms Mark Rees as Managing Director

360 Vision Technology, the UK’s leading CCTV manufacturing company, is delighted to confirm the promotion of Mark Rees from Business Development Director, to Managing Director, which coincides with the announcement that Phil Burton will become Chairman

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Mark, a founding Director and Shareholder of 360 Vision Technology Limited, has continuously developed his responsibilities throughout his career at 360 Vision, with promotion from Sales Director to Business Development Director, during which time Mark has pioneered the transition of 360 Vision products from analogue to digital.

Click image for the 360 Vision website

Mark also spearheaded the task of developing a wide range of technical partners across the globe, ensuring 360 Vision’s range of products were compatible with virtually all leading Video Management Systems. More recently, Mark has focused his energies on developing the substantial export potential for 360 Vision’s range of high-end ruggedised products and has started building a structure of in-country sales presence, starting with France.

Mark Rees says: "After 16 years of predominantly being in sales focused positions at 360 Vision, I feel massively privileged and proud to be taking on the role of Managing Director. This will allow Phil Burton to step back from his day-to-day management at 360 Vision, and focus more on the strategic direction and opportunities that present themselves.

I’m excited about the prospect of working closely with the full management team, and steering the progress of 360 Vision through the current turbulent times of Brexit and beyond, which I believe will present many opportunities to continue sales growth, innovate new products, and establish 360 Vision’s product portfolio in an increasing number of world markets.

I take great pleasure in working with our many customers both here in the UK and overseas - this offers me a great insight into the future trends and requirements of our industry. I will therefore retain these activities and when viable, develop a solid local sales presence for our industry leading products in international regions"

Phil Burton commented: "Having worked closely with Mark over the last three decades, I have been extremely impressed and delighted to have witnessed the progression in his professionalism, and dedication to success, which I am sure he will carry in to his new role"

click for website See the latest 360 Vision Technology camera range on Booth 5E08 in Hall 5 at Security Essen from 25th-28th September 2018.

For more information about 360 Vision Technology please visit

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Traka to provide World’s Largest Building Society Key Security

Nationwide Building Society has partnered with Traka to provide an intelligent key management system in its branches

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The partnership will enhance the Society’s processes in its network, for the benefit of its employees and members.

Click image for the Traka website

Nationwide has around 18,000 employees and around 650 branches across the UK. Previously, branch managers were initially being relied upon to have ensured the management and safety of branch keys throughout the working day, and overnight. This has been a time constraining and manual process, but an essential part of branch security.

Traka’s intelligent key management solution has been trialled, originally tested across 21 sites, and systems now operate across Nationwide’s UK-wide branch network.

Richard Newland, Director of Branch & Workplace Transformation at Nationwide said: "There was an opportunity to greatly improve our key management process, to make it easier for our colleagues to manage branch keys.

The introduction of Traka key management systems moved us into a more digital management system. Our colleagues no longer need to solely manage keys, and the audit trail capability has helped us to remove the manual paper recording and see the instant status of keys at any one time"

click for website Traka worked closely with Nationwide to understand bespoke requirements for key management across its branch network, ensuring a seamless installation process under a tight timeframe for delivery.

Once installed, Traka worked closely with individual branches to ensure staff had full training in the use of key management systems and access control solutions for authorised personnel.

Tom Smith, Traka Market Development Manager added: "What our relationship with Nationwide demonstrates is our preferred approach to working with clients, in true partnership. Our aim is to understand bespoke requirements for key management and ensure our systems can accommodate, without compromising on ease of use for staff.

In Nationwide’s case, Traka has made a significant difference from an operational perspective. The main resolution being staff no longer need to solely manage keys, and instead, they can focus on servicing members needs more efficiently. Nationwide has total peace of mind they have a secure and accurate audit trail of all keys, across every branch in its network"

CLICK HERE for more information on Traka’s specialist key management solutions for retail banking.

click for website Visit Traka on Booth 3G140 in Hall 3 at Security Essen from 25th-28th September.

For more information about Traka please visit

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TDSi introducing GARDiS Integrated Software to the European Market at Security Essen 2018

Security manufacturer also looking to engage with European partners to further expand business across the region and beyond

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Integrated security manufacturer TDSi will be introducing its new GARDiS software to the European market on Booth 3C30.1 in Hall 3 at Security Essen 2018 in Germany, from 25th-28th September.

Click image for the TDSi website

Mica Negrilic (pictured above), International Business Development Manager at TDSi commented: "We are proud and very excited to be appearing at Security Essen 2018, where we will be formally introducing our GARDiS software to the European market. Whilst we usually visit the bi-annual show, this the first time we have had a formal presence at the event for a few years and we are very much looking to engage with our existing and new partners and resellers across Europe and beyond"

Mica added: "When we visited the last Security Essen in 2016 we were very impressed by the breadth of visitors from across the EU, Middle East, Eastern Europe and beyond. There are big opportunities for the security sector across these regions and TDSi’s portfolio of high quality and high integration systems are perfect for these markets"

Mica and TDSi’s Managing Director John Davies will be available on Booth 3C30.1 to discuss specific security requirements and projects, as well as the considerable advantages of being a TDSi Channel or Distribution Partner.

Mica, who heads up TDSi’s French office at Noisy-le-Grand near Paris, which is central to the company’s appearance at Security Essen 2018, concluded: "This is a particularly exciting time to be working with TDSi – we have impressive growth targets across Europe and this event is the perfect opportunity to meet with us and discuss the potential to grow our business together. If you are attending Security Essen, make sure you visit the TDSi stand to learn more"

click for website Visit TDSi and discover the GARDiS Integrated Software on Booth 3C30.1 in Hall 3 at Security Essen from 25th-28th September 2018.

For further details on TDSi please call +44 (0)1202 723 535 or visit

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20 Sep 2018