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2 Feb 2018

Hikvision Announces New Office in Czech’s Economic and Cultural Hub Prague

Hikvision, the world’s leading supplier of innovative video surveillance products and solutions, is proud to announce the opening of its new Czech branch office in Prague’s 4th district, BETA Building, Vyskocilova 1481/4

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Hikvision has always been committed to its suppliers and customers. With the new office, Hikvision wants to strengthen its services to all of our partners in and around the Czech Republic.

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To this end, the new branch office houses training and showroom facilities focussing on both products and vertical solutions as well as the Czech-speaking after sales department. These will give improved opportunities for training and trying out our various products.

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Liz Wang, Area Sales Manager at Hikvision Europe, says: "We are very excited about the new branch office. We value our distribution partners in the Central Eastern markets very much and want to strengthen the relationships we have developed with them. The new office will allow us to better support both them and the security system integrators and installers on the ground"

Hikvision Europe has long placed a strong emphasis on only selling through authorised distributors and to provide the best service for our customers. In addition, the Czech Republic is at the heart of the European region, with Prague quickly becoming Europe’s tech hotspot, and an important and fast-growing market for Hikvision. The opening of the new branch office will be followed by an invitation only event for industry partners early in the new year.

For more information visit

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MOBOTIX Launches "Cactus Concept" as Initiative to Set Focus on Cyber Security in Video Surveillance

Industry leading security measures, independent testing and raised user awareness vital in protecting security systems

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MOBOTIX has announced a raised focus on cyber security by implementing the MOBOTIX Cactus Concept

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The concept aims to deliver a comprehensive approach to protecting MOBOTIX products against the threat of cyber-attacks along with education and tools to help customers and partners build and maintain secure video surveillance and access control environments.

The objective of the Cactus Concept is to implement a multimedia cyber security campaign in order to raise awareness among potential and existing MOBOTIX customers of the importance of data security in network-based video security systems and how organizations can protect themselves through cost-efficient and intelligent solutions. End-to-end encryption with no blind spots is required, from the image source via the data cables and the data storage through to the video management system on the user’s computer. Like a cactus, whose every limb is covered in thorns, all of the modules (camera, storage, cables, VMS) in the MOBOTIX system have digital thorns that protect them from unauthorized access.

Thomas Lausten, Chief Executive Officer of MOBOTIX says: "Modern video surveillance and access control technologies help protect people, places and property across the world but they are increasingly targeted by criminals aiming to infiltrate, take-over or disable these vital systems. With the internet of things trend adding billions of IP connected devices each year, our industry must lead the way in creating secure platforms that can reduce the risk posed by these damaging attacks"

As an industry leader within digital video surveillance, MOBOTIX believes in its "Cactus Concept" that protects every element of the design, manufacture and operation of each device along with end-to-end encryption across the entire usage and management cycle.

To ensure the highest levels of security, MOBOTIX uses the services of SySS, a highly regarded and independent third party security testing company that examines the security of both software and hardware elements. SySS customers include Basler Versicherungen, Bundeswehr, CreditPlus Bank AG, Daimler, Deutsche Bank, Deutsche Flugsicherung, Festo, Hewlett Packard, Innenministerium/LKA Niedersachsen, SAP, Schaeffler, Schufa, T-Systems and Union Investment.

Sebastian Schreiber, SySS CEO said: "MOBOTIX has a contract with us to provide further penetration testing of its technology elements. The initial platform testing on a current camera model revealed very positive results and we will continue security testing as an ongoing process"

Lausten adds: "Cyber security has been and will continue to be a core focus for MOBOTIX and we look forward to working with our peers in the industry, customers and government agencies to protect the very technologies and systems that help make society safer for all"

For more information, please visit

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Axis introduces palm-sized PTZ camera with wireless input/output connectivity

Axis announces a new palm-sized PTZ camera with wireless I/O connectivity for communication with other devices using Z-Wave Plus® standard, a standard widely used in the smart home market

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The new addition enables flexible wireless communication with supporting security devices and makes installation both easier and more cost-effective. The discreet AXIS M5065 Network Camera comes with 5x optical zoom, autofocus and built-in analytics.

Click images for the Axis website

In a security installation, the total cost for system deployment is not the security equipment alone. Additional expenses, such as cabling and labor costs, can put security investments out of reach for small business owners. Visible cables can also be a problem where interior design and esthetics are important. Axis Communications, the market leader in network video, is helping to remove these barriers with the introduction of AXIS M5065 and selected wireless accessories. The wireless I/O connectivity enables flexible system deployment providing high-quality indoor security surveillance, allowing business owners to keep control of their premises and assets.

AXIS M5065 delivers HDTV 1080p resolution and includes analytics such as AXIS Video Motion Detection, removed object detection as well as audio volume and scream detection.

With the camera’s wireless I/O connectivity, it is possible to use an on/off command to control up to six wirelessly connected devices supporting Z-Wave Plus®. Thanks to the technology, business owners can easily and cost-efficiently design a tailor-made system by themselves, combining camera and accessories based on their needs. Changes and updates to the system can be made just as easily.

Axis announces four wireless I/O compatible devices:

AXIS T8344 Power On/Off Plug
AXIS T8342 Door/Window Sensor
AXIS T8341 PIR Motion Sensor
AXIS T8343 Alert Button

Kent Fransson, Global Product Manager at Axis Communications explains: "At Axis we are always trying to use the latest technologies to make security less of a hurdle for business owners. By introducing wireless I/O connectivity in a security context, we allow customers to set up an agile surveillance and security system to meet their individual business’ needs, without having to invest a large proportion of their budget on setup fees.

For instance, they can use an AXIS M5065 wirelessly connected to a door sensor to monitor or be alerted if someone opens a door to a cabinet with expensive goods. That is just one example of how a camera with wireless I/O connectivity could make security both easier and cost-effective and we see that it being used more broadly in the future"

AXIS M5065 Network Camera and its compatible devices will be available in US, Canada and Japan in January 2018 through Axis distribution channels.

CLICK HERE for more information about AXIS M5065.

For more information please call Axis on +44 (0)1923 211 417 or visit

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360 Vision Technology report an increase in demand for temporary deployment CCTV

Fulfilling the demand for rugged build quality and all-round performance, 360 Vision Technology reports that their British designed and manufactured ruggedised CCTV camera technology has seen a rapid increase in demand for use by many leading temporary surveillance equipment manufacturers

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Click image for the 360 Vision website

360 Vision Technology says: "As the applications for video surveillance expand and the requirements for CCTV in diverse areas increases, temporary surveillance is fast becoming a security industry growth sector"

Deployed in the field to provide highly effective temporary surveillance coverage at incident hotspots, or to extend the coverage of an existing video surveillance scheme, 360 Vision cameras are being used within temporary deployment CCTV camera systems consisting of site towers, redeployable domes, and (mobile) vehicle mounted wireless surveillance solutions.

Ideal for use across a variety of CCTV applications, such as police, rail, construction sites, Government, public sector, utilities, traffic and live events, 360 Vision Technology’s all-in-one Predator and Centurion camera models are proving highly popular for use in temporary deployment CCTV camera systems - to provide proactive support in the fight to reduce crime (and the fear of crime), vandalism, fly tipping and anti-social behaviour.

Rapid-deployment surveillance systems are also being used to secure remote sites and assets; including trackside and non-trackside rail applications, drug abuse hot spots, and managing major and minor temporary roadworks.

Mark Rees, Business Development Director at 360 Vision Technology, says: "Meeting the demanding needs of system operators, the versatile range of 360 Vision ruggedised CCTV cameras feature HD imaging, low power consumption, proven reliability and rugged construction, are just some of the reasons why 360 Vision Technology cameras are being chosen by many temporary deployment CCTV camera solutions manufacturers"

Available in a variety of camera/control combinations, including Analogue, High Definition, Thermal and Radar, and with 24-hour surveillance capability provided by optional white light and infrared LED illuminators, 360 Vision’s British designed & built analogue and IP camera range enables temporary deployment CCTV camera system manufacturers to enhance the mix of solutions options they can offer to their customers.

Mark continues: "We are very proud that 360 Vision’s market-leading range of ruggedised video surveillance cameras is fast becoming the go-to camera technology for many of the leading manufacturers in the temporary deployment CCTV camera surveillance sector. We have many ruggedised CCTV camera developments in the pipeline. Many of these are being developed utilising invaluable sharp-end feedback supplied to us as a direct result of our close technical relationships with companies at the cutting-edge of temporary deployment surveillance solutions"

For further information about 360 Vision’s ruggedised camera range, please call +44 (0)870 903 3601, email or visit

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QNAP Integrates Hikvision H.265 Network Cameras and Extends the Compatibility of IP Surveillance Solutions

QNAP® Systems Inc announces that QNAP NAS are certified compatible with Hikvision H.265 high-resolution network cameras, including the DS-2CD2H25FHWD, DS-2DF8836I5X, DS-2TD2636, and additional camera models

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QNAP recently integrated 92 Hikvision H.265 network camera models, laser speed domes, and thermal network cameras, providing audio detection, tampering detection, and tripwire detection for surveillance users.

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The Hikvision DS-2CD2H25FHWD 2MP WDR Vari-focal Network Turret Camera incorporates a 1/2.8" CMOS sensor, enabling the camera to deliver superior image quality at 1920 x 1080 resolution, providing ultra-low light capabilities, and 120dB Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) to further supplement image details. The DS-2DF8836I5X 8MP 36x Network Laser Speed Dome is designed for large-scale surveillance requirements.

The camera features a 2/3" progressive scan CMOS sensor, 4K resolution output, and crystal-clear image capturing even in dim light conditions or in total darkness. The Hikvision DS-2TD2636 Thermal + Visible Bi-spectrum network bullet camera captures vivid, high-resolution videos of moving objects at resolutions up to 384 x 288, unhindered by either darkness or bad weather. It boasts a full range of "smart" features, including line crossing detection and intrusion detection for perimeter protection.

Adler Wu, Technology Partner Program Manager at Hikvision, said: "We're glad to expand our product integration with QNAP, especially with our thermal technology included, to provide our mutual users with additional solutions in various environments such as perimeter patrol, ports/harbors, and other critical infrastructure. With smart detection features supported in our combined solutions, users can benefit from modern video surveillance technologies that provide maximum security efficiency for operations and post-event investigations"

QVR Pro integrates comprehensive video surveillance features into QNAP NAS, ensuring a recording environment separated from QTS with storage expandability and flexible storage space management functions. The integration of QNAP NAS and Hikvision network cameras provides a comprehensive surveillance solution that ensures optimal recording quality, in-time file backup and full-scale RAID protection.

CLICK HERE for more information about QNAP video surveillance solutions.

CLICK HERE for more information about QNAP NAS and compatible IP cameras.

CLICK HERE for more information about Hikvision products.

For more information about QNAP please visit

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Creating an Intelligent World is the Theme for Milestone Community Days EMEA

Annual Milestone partner conference to be held in Barcelona highlights intelligent video, engaging the open platform community of Europe, Middle East and Africa

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Milestone Systems, the open platform company in video management software (VMS), will be hosting the Milestone Community Days EMEA (MIPS) 7-8 February 2018 in Barcelona, Spain.

Click image for the Milestone website

This annual event gathers hundreds of Milestone channel partners (distributors, systems integrators and consultants) as well as alliance partners (camera manufacturers, software solution integrators and technical hardware providers). Esteemed customer stakeholders and industry pundits also attend.

Creating an intelligent world

Milestone Systems’ top management will present the Milestone product and platform initiatives for 2018. With exciting input from leading industry professionals, Milestone takes a deeper look at how intelligent video systems can support people and organizations in making sense of the rapidly increasing influx of data. Intelligent video will be an enabling factor in spotting issues faster, foreseeing incidents and identifying patterns in behavior.

The event’s core keynote will be delivered by Louis Richardson, Chief Storyteller, IBM Watson, titled: "Man plus Machine > Man or Machine" and centers on the benefits that intelligent learning systems can bring.

Community solution power

The hundreds of delegates can experience the solution power of the Milestone Community at the partner showcase with more than 30 exhibitors. A major part of the event is the networking where customers connect with the Milestone partners, and partner-to-partner contacts breed new ideas and business opportunities. This is one of the key components in the Milestone community strategy: sharing knowledge and fostering ongoing innovation.

Another important part of the equation is the added emphasis on extending the Milestone open platform approach. This enables partners to provide agile and easily adaptable video business solutions. The open platform model is also a major enabler in video solutions moving beyond traditional security.

Strong community presence

The Milestone community partners will spotlight integrations with the XProtect Video Management System and add-on products ranging from advanced infrastructure solutions to video analytics on the edge and sensors as VMS devices. The sponsoring Milestone Diamond Partners are:

NetApp | Axis Communications | Hikvision | Allied Telesis

Milestone Community days – Networking for the future

Accelerating the partner network is a priority for Milestone to effectively meet the rapidly changing needs of today and the business landscape of tomorrow.

Click for the website... Kenneth Hune Petersen, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer - Milestone Systems, says: "Milestone Community Days 2018 will bring people from across EMEA to Spain, building partnerships for the future, leading to new possibilities for the whole industry.

This is the perfect opportunity for partners and customers be inspired and to get a look at the intelligent future and the benefits it will bring"

For more information visit

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Accept your invitation to Security & Safety Forum 2018

Join us at the Security & Safety Technologies Forum!

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On 13-15 February 2018, TB Forum opens its doors to over thousands of buyers and sellers in Security in Russia and provides the best place for sourcing opportunities, information updates and free educational forums, tackling the key technology issues set to affect your business.

Click image for the TB Forum website

It's your industry event, and it's free. So follow the link and you'll join the 6000+ other security professionals who will experience the iconic trends of industry development and investment programs in Russia, best practices and effective solutions, new requirements and regulatory issues, implementation practices and successful case studies.


Program highlights include:

Solutions and products for the Russian corporate and government customers
Drone Zone
BIM Technologies in Building Design & Construction
Digital economy challenges & issues

If you'd like to get introductions with distributors or customers, please CLICK HERE

Hope to see you there!

13-15 February 2018 | Crocus Expo | Moscow, Russia |


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2 Feb 2018