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6 Feb 2018

Hikvision’s Deep Learning Technology in Smart Retail Solution

Turning Footfall into Business Opportunities

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In this ever-expanding era of artificial intelligence (AI), Deep Learning will soon become the foundational technology for the security industry.

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Technologies that “learn” will become more common and more powerful. This trend will strengthen critical security efforts in every sphere. Today, Hikvision’s three camera models equipped with Deep Learning algorithms will be introduced in the smart retail industry.

In the retail business, with the growing popularity of shopping online, the retail sector has felt the disruptive impact of Internet e-commerce more than most industries. Some have reacted to online competition by closing physical stores, but others are attempting to overcome challenges through technological transformation. Traditional retail lacks intelligent tools for accurate data collection and visualization, making it unable to provide a basis for business decision-making at the shop.

But now, Hikvision has developed a Smart Retail Solution that provides comprehensive CCTV security to protect staff and customers and assist loss prevention. Not only that, this smart retail solution features data collection and analytics for enhancing business value. Benefiting from Deep Learning Technology, three intelligent functions for retail support include people-counting to track customer traffic and volume, heat mapping to know the popularity of goods in the shopping area, and queue detection to monitor the queuing situation in real-time.


There is an old saying in the trade industry: “small profits but quick turnover”. And footfall is a “KPI” – key profit indicator – that can help make that turnover. Compared to e-commerce, traditional offline retail stores lack the capabilities to accurately calculate customer flow. Hikvision’s Dual-Lens People-Counting Camera provides accurate customer counting and generates customer flow trends to evaluate performance and strategic initiatives.

However, in a real-world scenario, shadows or other objects may easily cause miscounts. The Dual-Lens People-Counting Camera, equipped with two cameras and powered by a Deep Learning algorithm, easily overcomes such interferences to deliver highly accurate people-counting data. A key advantage of Deep Learning algorithms over surveillance cameras’ vision algorithms is that Deep Learning can be continuously trained and improved with better and more datasets. This means the longer it works for you, the smarter it gets. Featuring binocular stereo vision, 3D people detection, and height filtering technologies, the Dual-Lens People-Counting Camera is able to accurately distinguish human beings from non-human objects in the background.

click for website Hence, these cameras distinguish human beings from other objects and movements in the background.

By analyzing customer flow data, store management can optimise the allocation of the workforce to reach higher profits and ensure better customer service. Store managers can schedule staff strategically for peak and off-peak hours. Furthermore, they can also develop strategic marketing activities to attract customers by analyzing the data of incoming rates (entering vs. passing by).

Learn more about people counting HERE

Heat Mapping

When customers enter the store, retailers are concerned about what merchandise customers are Heat Mapping interested in. Before that, what's more important is how to get what route they walk and where they stop. With Hikvision’s Heat Mapping function, retailers can determine the amount of time shoppers spend in specific areas of a store, identify hot spots and dead zones, and measure the number of people who actually shop for specific products, rather than just casually walk by.

click for website Heat Mapping is used to monitor and measure the size of target traffic in a region. It is a graphical representation of data represented by colors, and it is usually used to analyze the visit times and dwell times of customers in a specified area.

The Heat Map function is often used in shopping malls, supermarkets, museums, etc., and can find customers' preferences over time through heat maps, offering insight how to best place items and design the store layout.

As a representative product, Hikvision’s Fisheye Cameras, equipped with heat mapping function, not only capture a panoramic high-definition image but also learn about heat conditions in different regions within a store. In spacious areas, fewer cameras means reduced installation & labour fees. Hikvision’s fisheye cameras are ideal for these areas, maximising monitoring views and image quality insurance.

Queue Detection

Queue Scene What do you do if you always have to queue for a long time when you are shopping? Keep waiting, or give up shopping and avoid that store in the future. In the retail industry, waiting time is one of the most important factors affecting the customer experience. Hikvision’s Queue Detection function can help retailers manage checkout lines. When too many customers enter a queue, it can notify management to open a new checkout line.

click for website More specifically, Hikvision’ queue detection cameras can monitor the queuing situation in real-time. Firstly, cameras count the number of people in each queue, and then track the dwell time of each customer. Once it is found that the number of people in queue is too many, or the average dwell time of customers is too long, an alarm will be triggered to prompt a response.

Store management will be reminded to open checkout windows to reduce waiting times, improving transaction efficiency and the entire shopping experience.

Hikvision Smart Retail Solution is designed to help retailers bring offline stores into a digital world, allowing data to support management and operations. And it will promote retailers’ technological transformation in response to increased industry competition through the use of innovative retail technology.

For more information visit

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Geutebruck users take a relaxed view of the General Data Protection Regulation GDPR and the Federal Data Protection Act

From May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation will apply throughout the EU

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At the same time, the new Federal Data Protection Act (German law) will come into force. Both have significant consequences on the admissibility of the processing of personal data.

However, many users of Geutebruck solutions are able to take a relaxed view of this new legislation.

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The highly complex systems not only protect people, relationships, processes and values, but also safeguard data and personal rights, meaning you can precisely define what is monitored or hidden, what is displayed and saved, what is searched for, transferred, exported or deleted. Above all, however, permissions and who can access your data will be strictly controlled.

The relevant paragraphs and articles below briefly and concisely list the most important functions and features that Geutebruck users and their employees have already been appreciating and implementing for many years.

GDPR Article 5: Principles for the processing of personal data/GDPR Article 25: Data protection via technology design and privacy-friendly presettings

The solution: Privacy masking, pixelation, central user administration

This setup can be used to set which cameras should be activated and which pictures can be viewed, saved and searched for. The "Privacy Masking" function allows individual definition of the pixelation of an area or of faces. This pixelation can only be decrypted using dual control. You can save live images, stored images and exports from metadata or transcodings. The setting of the date by which the data should be available, or from when it can be overwritten, is determined by the administrator or the data protection officer.

Using the Central User Administration (CUA), a central access rights management system with distribution throughout the entire system for G-Core, the administrator also uses password assignment to define all rights regarding the viewing, evaluation, transfer and export of live images and saved images. It controls camera-level permissions, work station-dependent permissions, live and stored image permissions, and time-lapse stored images. The decryption is controlled via the CUP using dual control, and passwords are saved.

Article 17: GDPR Right to Erasure ("right to be forgotten")

The solution: Deletion by overwriting

Data is deleted by overwriting it. How long the images are to be available depends on three factors: Storage capacity, number of events, resolution of images. Access is precisely set by the administrator using time lapse authorization.

Federal Data Protection Act FDPA §9: Technical and organizational measures

The eight data protection requirements relate to access controls, transmission control, input control, job control, availability control and the separation rule.

CLICK HERE to read more about the Geutebruck solutions.

CLICK HERE for more info on the EU General Data Protection Regulation.

For more information about Geutebruck products and solutions visit

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Redvision launches the ground-breaking, VEGA™ 2010, rugged housing range

Redvision, the UK’s leading manufacturer of high-performance, rugged CCTV cameras has launched the Redvision VEGA™ 2010, rugged camera housing for tough, hazardous or corrosive, outdoor surveillance applications

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The Redvision VEGA2010 will house fixed camera and lens combinations, up to 290mm in length, offering protection from dirt, moisture and dust ingress.

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It is cable-managed, with a built-in junction box, making it simple to install and vandal-resistant. It is also symmetrical, so it can be pendent or pedestal mounted, to ceilings, walls and soffits.

Paul Hucker, director at Redvision, explains: "The VEGA™ 2010 housing is like a fixed camera version of our well-established, VOLANT and X-SERIES rugged, PTZ cameras. It includes identical features, like an optically-correct, toughened glass, camera window; a wiper to remove dirt and moisture; and rugged, die-cast aluminum construction. It will be closely followed by the VEGA 2050 range, where 2MP, 4MP and thermal cameras options will be built in"

The Redvision VEGA™ camera window has an optional Tru-park, silicon wiper to remove dirt and water which, when not in use, is concealed behind the housing’s front bezel.

The VEGA™ includes a CHAT™ interface board for power, audio, washer and wiper control, using the universal, Pelco telemetry protocol. If telemetry is not available, wiper and washer activation intervals can be automated using dip-switches on the CHAT™ board.

click to visit website The VEGA™ is finished with a marine-grade plating, followed by a tough powder-coating. It is available in a light grey (RAL 7035), as standard, but can be ordered in any other RAL colour, if required.

The housing is both IP67 weather-proof rated and IK10 shock and vandal-resistance rated, making it amongst the toughest, fixed housings in the security industry.

For more information call Redvision on +44 (0)1420 448 448 or visit

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Wavestore appoints Simon Shawley as Sales Director

Wavestore, the British developer of innovative open-platform and highly secure Linux-based Video Management Software (VMS), has appointed Simon Shawley as its new Sales Director to oversee the company’s sales strategy and drive growth across EMEA

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Simon, who joined on 1st February 2018, has over 25 years’ experience in the electronic security market having previously held senior sales and business development positions for companies including Hanwha Techwin and DVTel.

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Simon said: "It’s great to join the Wavestore team at such an exciting juncture. Organisations are increasingly utilising VMS to maximise their investment in electronic security and Wavestore’s ability to bring together third-party devices and sub-systems such as cameras, intruder detection, access control and video analytics from the world’s leading brands onto a common, future-proof and easy to operate platform, delivers clear benefits from both a technology and total cost of ownership standpoint"

Wavestore has recently launched v6.10 of it’s award winning VMS, delivering a highly secure, robust and reliable video management platform underpinned by free technical support for its Partners and provision of flexible Upgrade Bundles, which eliminate reoccurring annual upgrade charges that are commonplace in the VMS market.

James Smith, Managing Director of Wavestore Global Ltd said: "We are delighted to have Simon on board to drive our planned growth and to continue to deliver the high standards of customer care our Partners have come to expect as the company expands its operations"

Simon can be contacted on +44 (0)7597 373 396 or via eMail:

For more information visit

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Improvements to Luminite Genesis Masthead Receiver with Relays

Luminite Electronics, manufacturer of Genesis PIR detectors and accessories has just launched a new version of the LGMRU4x4 masthead receiver with relays

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The improved version LGMRU4x4v2 has a number of new features including a push button and LED display to facilitate easy programming.

Click images for the Luminite website

There are now two auxiliary relays that can be programmed as a group tamper, group alarm or set and un-set status. This means that all eight relays can be used for alarms only and the associated tampers grouped together and outputted on one of the AUX relays. It is also possible to select a group of unit numbers to activate an AUX relay as well as activating their own individual relays. Just as with the previous LGMRU4x4 you can configure the relays to be four alarms with four tampers.

click for website The receiver works in conjunction with the new Genesis Key Fob (LGKF) allowing users to set and un-set alarms. Duplex communication confirms command. You can select which alarm numbers you wish to set and un-set or let it default to all. You can also use the key fob for the remote control of doors and gates for example by assigning it to one of the AUX relays.

There is also an inhibit input which allows you to connect a switch to set and un-set all alarms or a selected group of alarms.

An expander module (LGREM4x4v2) plugs directly on the PCB providing a further eight relays.

For more information on OCULi call +44 (0)20 8368 7887 or visit

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Challenging and remote wildlife protection benefits from IP video innovations

Specialist installer uses Veracity’s IP transmission tools and products to overcome significant technical challenges in hard-to-reach locations with limited power and connectivity

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Click image for the Veracity website

Veracity, a manufacturer of IP transmission devices, surveillance storage arrays and integrated command and control systems, has announced details of projects carried out by Wildlife Windows Ltd, a leading designer of innovative wildlife camera systems. The company uses technology from Veracity to help safeguard wildlife from the impact of humans along with meeting growing statutory and corporate responsibility requirements.

For over a decade, Wildlife Windows Ltd has specialised in installing multiple camera systems for nature reserve visitor centres and supplying monitoring equipment for conservation professionals and ecological consultants. The team have returned time and again to Veracity’s range of IP transmission tools and products to help them deliver for their customers.

What sets Wildlife Windows apart from other companies offering similar services is its extensive knowledge and understanding of wildlife and conservation acquired over the past 25 years as enthusiastic naturalists, as well as in professional roles. With customers including the National Trust, RSPB and several large private companies particularly within construction, Wildlife Windows often has to overcome significant technical challenges to install surveillance systems in hard-to-reach locations with limited power and connectivity.

In many situations, the company turns to technology from Veracity which Co-Founder Jason Fathers says, "...has proved extremely useful both during the installation stages and as a key component in a number of challenging projects over the last few years"

Although originally working with analogue cameras, in recent years the company has largely switched to IP video and with it gained many advantages in terms of flexibility and quality. Yet running power and connectivity over longer distances is still tricky. As an example, some years ago a high profile project helped to protect, relocate and ultimately return nesting Peregrine Falcons at Battersea Power Station in London. The company needed to install multiple cameras within a complex structure which would have become inaccessible as building work progressed.

click for website The challenge was connecting up to 4 IP cameras over an existing coax cable across a 400 metre run and, in this instance, Veracity HIGHWIRE Powerstar Quad proved vital. The project also benefited from using Veracity’s POINTSOURCE Plus for powering POE IP cameras in-situ to complete camera alignment, focus, configuration and test from a locally-connected laptop.

This also showed the client that the cameras were functioning as expected before the next phase of construction that would make access to the installation almost impossible.

In other instances, Jason and his team have relied on Veracity OUTREACH Max to overcome the distance limitations of Ethernet and Power over Ethernet (POE) to deliver projects in hard-to-reach rural locations, including the positioning of fixed cameras above an Osprey nest in Scotland.

Fathers says: "Veracity offers a good balance between price and performance and it is pretty robust kit. Over the years, we have used a lot of the Veracity transmission products in some pretty harsh conditions and we have not had a single failure"

For more information on the innovative work carried out by Wildlife Windows, please visit

For more information about how Veracity’s long-term product reliability can save you time, please visit

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6 Feb 2018