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8 Feb 2018

Mayflex & Dahua To Deliver Technology Roadshows

Mayflex, the distributor of Converged IP Solutions, is working with Dahua Technology to deliver an informative series of short seminars that will look at providing an update on their latest product range with live demonstrations

click for website Each session will also look into system/network design, bandwidth and storage, selecting the appropriate products to meet individual user requirements and how to maximise the key features and benefits, helping delegates to position and sell Dahua.

Click image for the Mayflex website

Delegates will also have the opportunity to take a short tour of the M-Tech product demonstration suite located at each of the venues. The tour taking place at the Mayflex HQ in Birmingham will also include the specialist support services facility where a range of services are conducted including the pre-staging of IP devices, product labelling and the pre-termination of copper and fibre products.

The Mayflex and Dahua teams will work together to deliver these sessions at Mayflex offices in Birmingham and Scotland during March and St Neots, Cambridgeshire in May.

Steve Proctor, Director of Sales, Security at Mayflex comments: "Mayflex is committed to regularly providing the latest product updates and information to its customer base. Delivering informative seminars that equip attendees with the tools needed to successfully sell products and services is part of our ongoing commitment to education and training. I am very excited to announce that the Dahua Drone will be available to view at the sessions taking place in Birmingham on the 16th March. The Dahua X820 is a fast, high performance semi-autonomous commercial drone which includes a 6MP stabilised camera as standard, the future of security surveillance"

Steve continues: "These sessions are being delivered separately from the certified installer training courses that continue to be delivered by our qualified instructors via our Mayflex Academy. Offering our customers many ways to get a good understanding of the Dahua product range is our key objective"

If you would like to register for one of the roadshows taking place on the 16th March in Birmingham, 28th March in Scotland and the 16th May in St Neots, please CLICK HERE

A list of full Dahua courses available can be found HERE

For further details about Mayflex and the range of security products available visit

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Axis launches new software for easy on-site device management and proactive cybersecurity control

Axis Communications announces the release of AXIS Device Manager, a comprehensive on-premise device management tool that offers an easy, cost-effective and secure way to manage all major installation and operational device management tasks

click to visit website
Click for the website...

Moreover, in a world where security threats are becoming more common, AXIS Device Manager facilitates proactive device and network protection.

Click image for the Axis website

It is suitable for managing up to a couple thousand Axis network cameras, access control and audio devices on one site — or several thousand devices across multiple sites.

A further development of its popular AXIS Camera Management software platform, AXIS Device Manager demonstrates Axis commitment to helping customers attain ease-of-installation, cost-effective operations as well as proactively protecting their devices and networks against cybersecurity risks.

The broad range of device management functions available include:

Automatically assign IP addresses
Install, configure, replace and upgrade any single device
Copy configurations between thousands of devices
Connect to multiple servers/systems
Restore points and factory default settings
Upgrade device firmware
Manage and update user accounts and passwords
Deploy, and renew HTTPS & IEEE 802.1x certificates

Supporting cybersecurity

Importantly, in an environment where technology is in a state of constant change and evolution, and threats from cybercriminals become more sophisticated, it is essential that any infrastructure related to safety and security is managed dynamically day-to-day.

click to visit website The new AXIS Device Manager delivers significant enhancements to device security by enabling centralized account, password and certificate management well as hardening device according to Axis hardening guide. This makes it easier and more cost efficient for system installers and administrators to proactively manage and implement important security management features.

Ola Lennartsson, Global Product Manager, System Management at Axis Communications, commented: "Being able to access and efficiently install, adapt and secure all of the devices on your network saves a tremendous amount of time and effort. AXIS Device Manager is the go-to tool for reaching all Axis devices — whatever stage of their lifecycle — and make needed adjustments. In today’s fast-paced world, any device or network that is static is not only old-fashioned, it is potentially prone to cyber threats. Therefore it is important we ensure our customers can use a tool that allows them to easily, rapidly and decisively manage all of the devices on their network. AXIS Device Manager is that tool"

AXIS Device Manager will replace AXIS Camera Management. It is available as a free download HERE

CLICK HERE to find more about Axis cybersecurity work.

For more information please call Axis on +44 (0)1923 211 417 or visit

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GTT enables movement toward the “Smart City” with its award-winning Opticom™ Analytics for public transit agencies

Mobility analysis application from signal priority market leader Global Traffic Technologies, LLC aims to help transit agencies improve travel times and operations as cities look to become smarter, more connected

click for ENLARGED view...
Click for the website...

Click image for ENLARGED view

Transit agencies now have access to a powerful new tool that can help to speed up travel times and improve ridership with the release of Opticom Analytics for Public Transit from Global Traffic Technologies (GTT). The web-based platform can help agencies assess performance, reveal problem areas and make corrections to provide faster, more efficient transit operations.

Turning valuable data into actionable insights is a key step for communities working to become connected, smart cities, says Global Traffic Technologies’ (GTT) president Jason Lund.

Lund said: "Becoming a smart city is an incremental process. Opticom Analytics is a logical first step ~ it provides tangible, immediate improvements that improve mobility in your community"

GTT – the trusted market leader in priority control solutions – first released Opticom Analytics for public safety agencies in June 2017. EMS World Magazine named the tool an Innovation Award winner late last year.

The analytics capabilities were expanded this year to enable transit agencies to easily view critical information about their vehicles as they pass through an intersection, as well as powerful schedule-based analytics available as part of GTT's Opticom Connected Vehicle Platform (CVP). Transit managers can monitor key metrics such as on-time performance, Transit Signal Priority (TSP) utilization, current route/trip information, and dwell time and travel time by vehicle or route.

Not only can GTT's system provide historical and real-time data related to how well operations are performing, with industry-leading Opticom TSP, buses can request an extended or truncated traffic light cycle, reducing travel time and maximizing operational and on-time performance.

A complete solution

GTT’s product manager Chad Mack said the new platform is an end-to-end management solution that gives users the data they need to make more informed decisions about their transit operations.

Mack said: "Transit managers can monitor their transit operations using real-time and historical data to assess operational performance. This data has been available for years, but Opticom Analytics’ value comes from the ability to collect and analyze the data in a meaningful way"

Knowing where a transit system’s problem areas are can help agencies make changes that improve their on-time performance and ridership.

Mack said: "Once they pinpoint the problem areas, agencies can make adjustments to enable faster travel times and reduce the chance of a delay. Those adjustments can range from adjusting the posted schedule to fine-tuning the system concerning when Opticom TSP is allowed to request priority to help get a bus through the intersection faster"

The analytics software relies on data collected from Opticom’s GPS-enabled hardware and the Opticom CVP. Data logs from the vehicle equipment are securely uploaded to the analytics platform via a Wi-Fi or cellular connection.

GTT’s system provides data that goes beyond what is typically collected from a vehicle’s onboard computer. GPS data from the Opticom system is logged at 1-second intervals for accurate and detailed vehicle and intersection information.

Mack explained: "There are a lot of valuable insights that can be found by collecting data every second versus only logging every 15 or 30 seconds"

The information is compiled into a web-based application that can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection. Users can sort and view performance metrics based on date, speed, travel time, vehicle type, priority control usage and more.

The platform gives users the data needed to assess, reveal and correct typical problems:

Assess performance: The interface provides an easy means to evaluate vehicle, route and intersection performance, including on-time performance, current vehicle location, signal priority usage and travel time.

Reveal problem areas: Mapping functions reveal problems, including slowdowns and delays caused by heavy traffic or a lack of priority control. Route and vehicle metrics show on-time performance and other key metrics.

Make corrections: Agencies can fix problem areas by adjusting the priority control system, adding components or performing maintenance.

More details about the Opticom Analytics platform can be found HERE or by contacting a GTT regional manager.

For more information about GTT visit

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Hanwha Techwin Europe Announces Pan-European Marketing & Training Alliance with ADI Global Distribution

A joint initiative to promote benefits of Wisenet video surveillance solutions

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Click to visit the website... Click to visit the website...

Hanwha Techwin Europe has teamed up with ADI Global Distribution to create a Pan-European marketing campaign to raise awareness and highlight the advantages Wisenet cameras, recording devices and video management software offer to installers and system integrators.

Click images for the Hanwha Techwin website

The two companies will conduct a wide range of marketing activities including live demonstrations of the comprehensive range of Wisenet video surveillance solutions at roadshows and seminars, the placement of advertisements in leading European electronic security publications and the production of bespoke direct mail communications and eNewsletters.

Click for the website... Simon Middleton, Marketing Director of ADI’s Europe, Middle East and Africa businesses, said: "This is our first Pan-European marketing initiative with Hanwha Techwin. Our decision to do so reflects the value we place on the relationship formed between our two companies. It also demonstrates the confidence and trust we have in the ability of Wisenet products, many of which benefit from innovative technology unique to Hanwha Techwin, to provide installers and system integrators who source video surveillance solutions from ADI Global distribution with a competitive edge"


The marketing campaign, which will be implemented across all countries in Europe where ADI Global Distribution is working in partnership with Hanwha Techwin, will primarily be focused on educating the market on the benefits of Wisenet X cameras.

click for website These 2MP and 5MP models are supercharged by the most powerful chipset ever incorporated into a full camera range, and are equipped with the World’s best motorised F0.94 varifocal Low Light lens, the lowest low light lens available and the World’s best 150dB Wide Dynamic Range (WDR).

In addition, the campaign is designed to raise awareness of other Wisenet solutions including Wisenet HD+ analogue cameras which capture Full HD images in 1080p without the need to upgrade cabling infrastructure, Wisenet Q entry level network cameras delivering feature rich 2MP or 4MP images, and premium, top of the range Wisenet P cameras which deliver superb quality 4K (12MP) images.

Wisenet Solutions Certificated Training for ADI Global Distribution

In support of the Pan-European Marketing Alliance, Hanwha Techwin Europe has successfully completed the first phase of its certificated Wisenet product and solutions training programme for sales and technical staff across ADI Global Distribution in Northern Europe.

Hemant Trivedi, Regional Director for ADI (pictured top), said: "This represents a major investment in time for both UK based ADI Global Distribution and Hanwha Techwin personnel. It has proved time well spent as many of our sales and technical staff are now Hanwha Techwin accredited trainers and able to provide expert advice on the best combination of Wisenet cameras and recording devices for specific projects"

For more information on ADI Global Distribution, go to

For more information about Hanwha Techwin visit

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Digital Watchdog® Now Offers New Storage Solutions

New Blackjack® NAS Supports up to 160Mpbs Throughput and is Compatible with any Blackjack® NVR or MEGApix® CaaS™ Camera

click for website
Click for the website...

Click image for the DW website

Digital Watchdog® (DW™), the industry leader in digital recorders, surveillance cameras and related management software, announces the launch of our new line of network attached storage (NAS) solutions. The new Blackjack® NAS series, introduced to the market in 1 Hard Drive (HDD) models (2HDD models will be available by the end of Q1), are added storage solutions for any Blackjack® NVR or MEGApix® CaaS™ system. The NAS devices provide additional video storage for more recording days and more cameras to an existing system, while being controlled from a unified DW Spectrum® IPVMS interface.

Mark Espenschied, Director of Marketing at Digital Watchdog said: "Our new NAS devices easily solve the need for adding more storage capacity to a server that is already using the available hard drive bays. Instantly recognized and managed by DW Spectrum IPVMS®, these solutions are a seamless addition to an existing system"

Blackjack® NAS™ are high-reliability network attached storage options for Blackjack® NVRs or MEGApix® CaaS™ cameras. The small and simple to setup devices act as recording backup for existing DW Spectrum® IPVMS systems. Models offer 4-10TB storage and integrate easily into a Blackjack® system with a total of up to 160Mbps throughput, or a MEGApix® CaaS™ system with up to 12 camera servers, allowing you to record and backup more days of video without the need for additional video recorders. The Blackjack® NAS™ is seamlessly integrated into the DW Spectrum® IPVMS system, allowing for an instant search and data management. The Blackjack® NAS is backed by Digital Watchdog's unbeatable 5-year limited warranty.

Features include:

Centralize your file storage, sharing and backup with excellent performance

Expands recording capacity of any MEGApix® CaaS™ camera solution OR Blackjack® NVR system

Add and manage recording for your NAS station directly from the DW Spectrum® IPVMS client software

Seamless search via the DW Spectrum® IPVMS client, including smart motion search, spyglass and calendarsearch options

Add a NAS station to a MEGApix® CaaS™ network with up to 12 cameras

Add a NAS station to a Blackjack® server to quickly expand local storage and backup up to 160Mbps throughput

Storage options 4-10TB internal storage

Linux® embedded OS

Attractive and slim desktop design to compliment any application

5 year warranty

Learn more about the Blackjack® NAS, the complete Blackjack® NVR family and all of Digital Watchdog’s industry-leading video surveillance products at

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eneo’s Candid bullet cameras are now available with an integrated, compact, junction box

eneo has added an integrated, compact, junction box to its bullet cameras, in the company’s high-performance Candid range

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Click image for the eneo website

The junction box is built into the mounting bracket of the camera and removes the need for fitting a separate junction box alongside the cameras. It simplifies, neatens and speeds up fitting, helping to reduce installation costs.

eneo has three Candid bullet cameras available with the integrated junction box. The small Candid, 2MP, IP bullet (ICB-62M2712M0A); the medium sized, 3MP, IP bullet, with the ingenious, newly launched, WiFi set-up interface (ICB-73M2712MWA); and the medium sized Candid 2MP, multi-signal, bullet (MCB-72M2712M0A), which is HD-TVI, AHD, CVI, HD-SDI, EX-SDI and Composite selectable.

All the Candid bullet cameras have tough, aluminum housings, which are weather proof-rated to IP67 and operate down to an impressive -30°C. The junction box includes all camera connections, cabled through the back of the box, which are then entirely protected and sealed against dust and moisture, once the camera is fitted to the front.

click for website The eneo Candid bullet cameras offer high-performance and are competitively priced. All three cameras feature a 1/2,8", 2MP or 3MP, Sony STARVIS CMOS sensor, providing high-quality, video images, even in low light conditions. They have powerful, integrated IR illumination; a 2.7mm to 12mm varifocal lens; onboard storage; triple streams for recording and viewing; a smartphone-ready, cross web browser for remote set up; low voltage and PoE supply; and built-in, low energy, heater.

The IP cameras’ onboard, analysis features include motion detection; tamper protection; trip wire; people counting; direction and field detection; defog; and vertical view. The multi-signal model includes defog, privacy masking and motion detection.

eneo’s new Candid bullet cameras are available now through eneo’s established, UK distribution channels.

For more information visit

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8 Feb 2018