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Geutebruck users take a relaxed view of the General Data Protection Regulation GDPR and the Federal Data Protection Act
[6 Feb 2018] [Geutebruck, Petra.Keller@geutebrueck.com]

From May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation will apply throughout the EU

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At the same time, the new Federal Data Protection Act (German law) will come into force. Both have significant consequences on the admissibility of the processing of personal data.

However, many users of Geutebruck solutions are able to take a relaxed view of this new legislation.

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The highly complex systems not only protect people, relationships, processes and values, but also safeguard data and personal rights, meaning you can precisely define what is monitored or hidden, what is displayed and saved, what is searched for, transferred, exported or deleted. Above all, however, permissions and who can access your data will be strictly controlled.

The relevant paragraphs and articles below briefly and concisely list the most important functions and features that Geutebruck users and their employees have already been appreciating and implementing for many years.

GDPR Article 5: Principles for the processing of personal data/GDPR Article 25: Data protection via technology design and privacy-friendly presettings

The solution: Privacy masking, pixelation, central user administration

This setup can be used to set which cameras should be activated and which pictures can be viewed, saved and searched for. The "Privacy Masking" function allows individual definition of the pixelation of an area or of faces. This pixelation can only be decrypted using dual control. You can save live images, stored images and exports from metadata or transcodings. The setting of the date by which the data should be available, or from when it can be overwritten, is determined by the administrator or the data protection officer.

Using the Central User Administration (CUA), a central access rights management system with distribution throughout the entire system for G-Core, the administrator also uses password assignment to define all rights regarding the viewing, evaluation, transfer and export of live images and saved images. It controls camera-level permissions, work station-dependent permissions, live and stored image permissions, and time-lapse stored images. The decryption is controlled via the CUP using dual control, and passwords are saved.

Article 17: GDPR Right to Erasure ("right to be forgotten")

The solution: Deletion by overwriting

Data is deleted by overwriting it. How long the images are to be available depends on three factors: Storage capacity, number of events, resolution of images. Access is precisely set by the administrator using time lapse authorization.

Federal Data Protection Act FDPA §9: Technical and organizational measures

The eight data protection requirements relate to access controls, transmission control, input control, job control, availability control and the separation rule.

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Tuesday 23 October 2018