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Digital Watchdog® Now Offers New Storage Solutions
[7 Feb 2018] [Digital Watchdog, marke@digital-watchdog.com]

New Blackjack® NAS Supports up to 160Mpbs Throughput and is Compatible with any Blackjack® NVR or MEGApix® CaaS™ Camera

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Digital Watchdog® (DW™), the industry leader in digital recorders, surveillance cameras and related management software, announces the launch of our new line of network attached storage (NAS) solutions. The new Blackjack® NAS series, introduced to the market in 1 Hard Drive (HDD) models (2HDD models will be available by the end of Q1), are added storage solutions for any Blackjack® NVR or MEGApix® CaaS™ system. The NAS devices provide additional video storage for more recording days and more cameras to an existing system, while being controlled from a unified DW Spectrum® IPVMS interface.

Mark Espenschied, Director of Marketing at Digital Watchdog said: "Our new NAS devices easily solve the need for adding more storage capacity to a server that is already using the available hard drive bays. Instantly recognized and managed by DW Spectrum IPVMS®, these solutions are a seamless addition to an existing system"

Blackjack® NAS™ are high-reliability network attached storage options for Blackjack® NVRs or MEGApix® CaaS™ cameras. The small and simple to setup devices act as recording backup for existing DW Spectrum® IPVMS systems. Models offer 4-10TB storage and integrate easily into a Blackjack® system with a total of up to 160Mbps throughput, or a MEGApix® CaaS™ system with up to 12 camera servers, allowing you to record and backup more days of video without the need for additional video recorders. The Blackjack® NAS™ is seamlessly integrated into the DW Spectrum® IPVMS system, allowing for an instant search and data management. The Blackjack® NAS is backed by Digital Watchdog's unbeatable 5-year limited warranty.

Features include:

Centralize your file storage, sharing and backup with excellent performance

Expands recording capacity of any MEGApix® CaaS™ camera solution OR Blackjack® NVR system

Add and manage recording for your NAS station directly from the DW Spectrum® IPVMS client software

Seamless search via the DW Spectrum® IPVMS client, including smart motion search, spyglass and calendarsearch options

Add a NAS station to a MEGApix® CaaS™ network with up to 12 cameras

Add a NAS station to a Blackjack® server to quickly expand local storage and backup up to 160Mbps throughput

Storage options 4-10TB internal storage

Linux® embedded OS

Attractive and slim desktop design to compliment any application

5 year warranty

Learn more about the Blackjack® NAS, the complete Blackjack® NVR family and all of Digital Watchdog’s industry-leading video surveillance products at www.digital-watchdog.com

Tuesday 23 October 2018