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Axis launches new software for easy on-site device management and proactive cybersecurity control
[8 Feb 2018] [Axis Communications, pressoffice@axis.com]

Axis Communications announces the release of AXIS Device Manager, a comprehensive on-premise device management tool that offers an easy, cost-effective and secure way to manage all major installation and operational device management tasks

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Moreover, in a world where security threats are becoming more common, AXIS Device Manager facilitates proactive device and network protection.

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It is suitable for managing up to a couple thousand Axis network cameras, access control and audio devices on one site — or several thousand devices across multiple sites.

A further development of its popular AXIS Camera Management software platform, AXIS Device Manager demonstrates Axis commitment to helping customers attain ease-of-installation, cost-effective operations as well as proactively protecting their devices and networks against cybersecurity risks.

The broad range of device management functions available include:

Automatically assign IP addresses
Install, configure, replace and upgrade any single device
Copy configurations between thousands of devices
Connect to multiple servers/systems
Restore points and factory default settings
Upgrade device firmware
Manage and update user accounts and passwords
Deploy, and renew HTTPS & IEEE 802.1x certificates

Supporting cybersecurity

Importantly, in an environment where technology is in a state of constant change and evolution, and threats from cybercriminals become more sophisticated, it is essential that any infrastructure related to safety and security is managed dynamically day-to-day.

click to visit website The new AXIS Device Manager delivers significant enhancements to device security by enabling centralized account, password and certificate management well as hardening device according to Axis hardening guide. This makes it easier and more cost efficient for system installers and administrators to proactively manage and implement important security management features.

Ola Lennartsson, Global Product Manager, System Management at Axis Communications, commented: "Being able to access and efficiently install, adapt and secure all of the devices on your network saves a tremendous amount of time and effort. AXIS Device Manager is the go-to tool for reaching all Axis devices — whatever stage of their lifecycle — and make needed adjustments. In today’s fast-paced world, any device or network that is static is not only old-fashioned, it is potentially prone to cyber threats. Therefore it is important we ensure our customers can use a tool that allows them to easily, rapidly and decisively manage all of the devices on their network. AXIS Device Manager is that tool"

AXIS Device Manager will replace AXIS Camera Management. It is available as a free download HERE

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For more information please call Axis on +44 (0)1923 211 417 or visit www.axis.com

Tuesday 23 October 2018