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Vista adds New Features and Functions to Viper
[27 Feb 2018] [Vista CCTV, info@vista-cctv.com]

Vista is pleased to announce the latest features and functions of the Viper Range

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The Viper Family was launched back in 2017 and Vista is continually working on developing the range in line with customer requirements and feedback to ensure that the perfect solution can be offered.

Although the range is under continuous development the overall purpose of the Viper Family is to provide a multi-format recording platform, allowing end users to pull together Viper High Definition Analogue DVRs and Viper IP NVRs into a single, seamless system. The Viper Virtual Matrix Controller gives you complete control of the system through the uniform and intuitive central management software. The flexible range gives users the opportunity to upgrade their systems at their own pace, with Vista providing high quality service throughout.

The latest addition to the range is Viper-Remote, the app that allows operators to be in constant contact with their security system. The app provides alarm notifications straight to the user’s device, the ability to view live and recorded images remotely, various display options and an intuitive navigation system. The wide-ranging search options also ensure that time is saved when reviewing footage and important events can be found with ease. The app also allows for the management of devices in the system providing the opportunity to add and remove devices whenever necessary, from any remote location.

Vista has also been working to enhance the functionality of the H5 range of NVRs. The latest development is the de-warping function that allows 360 degree cameras to be viewed in a more user-friendly, 180 degree view. This helps to improve user experience by making reviewing images as simple as possible. In response to ‘Voice of Customer’ feedback and suggestions Vista has also been working on making the range compatible with Immix. This is another hugely beneficial function which is on its way.

Bob Forehand, Vista Technical Manager, comments: "The Viper Family is an incredibly flexible range that allows end users to ‘mix-and-match’ Viper units, combining both IP and Analogue systems. The flexibility of the range means that the solution can be developed over time, saving on upfront costs and accounting for the requirements of growing or developing systems. The addition of Viper Remote, Viper Central and the upcoming introduction of Immix make the already differentiated and comprehensive offering even more inviting"

For more information, please speak with your Vista BDM or Norbain Account Manager on 0118 912 5000, contact us at info@vista-cctv.com or visit www.vista-cctv.com

Sunday 16 December 2018