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Hanwha Techwin Wisenet Wins iF Design Awards
[2 Mar 2018] [Hanwha Techwin Europe, htesecurity@hanwha.com]

Winning awards for two consecutive years, Hanwha Techwin has demonstrated its global design competitiveness

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Hanwha Techwin’s BabyView eco monitoring system and its Wisenet Circle AI-based security manager application, have both won their respective categories in the 2018 iF Design Awards.

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This is the second year Hanwha Techwin products have been recognised by the judges of the prestigious iF Design Awards which since 1953 have recognised designs that are able to achieve the best results when commercially applied. Regarded as one of one of the world’s top three design competitions, along with Germany’s Red Dot Award and the US’s IDEA, this year’s competition saw approximately 6,400 entries from 54 countries.

click for website BabyView eco, the winner of the product category, has a unique design and friendly appearance which reflects the features of a baby camera. Available in Europe during the second quarter of 2018, BabyView eco has a long-tail design which can be installed in virtually any location.

Wisenet Circle, which provides object and voice recognition as well as a long list of other functions based on artificial intelligence, won Professional Concept category. As a conceptual design suggesting the future direction of Hanwha Techwin’s image security solutions, the application has received favorable reviews for its quick and intuitive implementation of complex security functions.

Bob (H.Y.) Hwang Ph.D., Managing Director, Hanwha Techwin Europe, said: "It’s a great honour to win the ‘iF Design Award’ again this year. It follows on from last year’s award for our home security camera. We will continue to research and develop innovative solutions from a user’s perspective and lead the global security market based on our company’s differentiated design and outstanding technical prowess. By winning the ‘iF Design Award 2018’, the ‘Red Dot Design Award 2017’ and the ‘iF Design Award 2017’ over the last two years, we have demonstrated our technical excellence and world-class design competitiveness"

For more information about Hanwha Techwin visit www.hanwha-security.eu

Sunday 16 December 2018