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Surveon Military Solutions Support Partners to Win Worldwide Projects
[28 Aug 2018] [Surveon Technology Inc, sales@surveon.com]

National safety is the foundation of a prosperous country, and a strict and complete surveillance system can help the first line army to keep the sensitive military areas in safe

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Surveon Military Solutions has deployed in war ships around the globe, providing advanced and reliable performance for military use, ensuring the safety of citizen, soldiers and national property. Surveon military solutions support the world leading maritime and naval CCTV system integrator to win many projects in Northern America, Europe and Far East Asia.

Operate for 24/7 with Whole System Reliability

The military must need a solution which can provide sufficient reliability for 24/7 operations. From camera, NVR to VMS, each part of system needs to perform well, regardless of different kinds of environment.

click for ENLARGED view... Surveon is committed to meeting and exceeding the exacting quality demands of partners. Each Surveon product is designed and manufactured with industrial-grade components, circuit, tooling, integration, and validation abilities as well as ISO9001/14001 certified production capabilities, its quality can be proved by the extremely low RMA rate.

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Cover Broad Space with Real-time Video Analytics

Military surveillance is required to cover vast areas of land and sea. To do this effectively, you must utilize various and reliable video analytics to remain one step ahead of constantly evolving challenges.

click for website Featuring functions such as foreign and missing object detection, forbidden area, intrusion detection and camera tampering detection, Surveon Video Analytics reduce the workload on security and management staff, increasing the situational awareness of monitoring personnel and wide-area surveillance efficiency.

Work Efficient with Hassle-free Integration

The complicated integration and verification tasks consume many invisible resources of system integrators, let alone it contains multiple potential risks of integration. Surveon cameras are fully compatible with major 3rd party VMS such as Milestone VMS, saving the efforts and time to integrate different brands of products.

click for website Besides, many 3rd party camera providers have been fully tested for compatibility with Surveon NVR systems, giving partners a broad range of solution selections for their projects.

The worldwide leading system integrator had adopted Surveon solution into military usage, including total 424 CAM3371EM, using on 6 different systems.

The project manager of the SI said: "The project owners are extremely satisfied with the quality and compatibility of Surveon products and we will keep working with Surveon for joint growth. It helps us to win many contracts from large ship builders in Northern America, Europe and Far East Asia"

For more reference about the Surveon Military Solutions and its success case, please eMail sales@surveon.com or visit www.surveon.com

Thursday 15 November 2018