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New speaker function added to OCULi by Luminite
[6 Sep 2018] [Luminite Electronics Limited, info@luminite.co.uk]

Luminite Electronics are delighted to announce that their OCULi wireless PIR camera is now available with speaker functionality for voice challenge or sounder deterrent applications

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A speaker set is available comprising a horn speaker, external gland and connector. These are easily connected to the OCULi unit using the instructions sent with the speaker. The user must enable voice on their SIM and then they can verbally challenge a suspect.

The facility will only work after an alert event has been sent. A button will appear on the EVENTS page and the connection between the server and the OCULi portal will stay open for 2 to 3 minutes during which time a voice challenge can be made. The end user or ARC can activate the button via the OCULi portal, a third party integrated platform (such as Immix or Sentinel), or via the OCULi app.

OCULi is a standalone PIR detector with a camera and is designed to protect vulnerable areas where CCTV cannot be installed due to power and internet limitations.

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OCULi does not require external power and is instead powered by two lithium batteries with an expected life of up to one year. OCULi is perfect for construction sites, vacant properties, utility sites, farms and fly tipping locations.

Graham Creek, Managing Director at Luminite commented: "OCULi has been designed to offer the end user a host of functions and increasingly thieves and suspicious characters are becoming immune to the sight of cameras alone. The ability to speak to the suspected intruder and let them know they have been seen is a powerful tool and all this from a PIR camera running on batteries"

For more information about Luminite please call +44 (0)20 8368 7887 or visit www.luminite.co.uk

Thursday 15 November 2018